The internet become synonymous with Google, because … traffic.

The internet analysts at DeepField have released an updated report on Google’s progression from being King of the Internet to basically being the internet. Their analysis in 2010 pegged Google’s share of all traffic at about 6%. Today, they estimate it at 25%. Perhaps even more impressive, more than 60% of all internet-capable devices, from PCs to phones to gaming consoles, interact with a Google server somehow in an average day.

But if Google is not sending the people to the small independent sites then all the small sites fall into the dark web where nobody can see them.
The problem is that Page Rank have no way to determine good valuable content.

One main disadvantage of PageRank is that it favors older pages. A new page, even a very good one, will not have many links unless it is part of an existing site (a site being a densely connected set of pages, such as Wikipedia).

And that was just the beginning, then Google shifted to website authority, which give even less chances for a page with good content to be featured by the search engine.

Google uses a combination of webpage and website authority to determine the overall authority of a webpage competing for a keyword.[31] The PageRank of the HomePage of a website is the best indication Google offers for website authority.[32]

After this they introduce all kind of animal beasts algorithms having names like: Panda, Penguin with the purpose of combating link spamming and content spamming. But then when the all versions of the algorithms started hitting the big brands, they just put all the great spammers like News Media sites and big link spammers on a white list and f… all the rest.
If you don’t have a site with a 15 years old domain with 30.000 thousand links from high quality (news spamming sites) then you can just go f… yourself.

And like those two things where not enough they continued the madness by giving insane privileges to so call Brands. But what are brands??? Do you think you can just brand yourself and that will matter compared to a truly huge global Brand?
No! Brands is just Authority on Steroids, meaning great spammers, and huge monopolistic corporations with access to mass influence like newspapers and TV are going to the top of the search engine