If you already read how to make a search engine 300 times better than Google, Bing, Yahoo then is time for the next amazing revelation.

You think I'm joking no? Well NO!

The secret is already known and tried by all search engines, but they fail in a miserable way because they just can't figure it out on how to do it.
I will tell you the trick and you will think.

How could you? wouldn't the search engines steal the idea?

Well, this is the trick ... they can't steal it, not Google, Bing, Yahoo, not Facebook maybe not even Twitter which is not really used by many, except the president of USA - Mr Trump .
They can't steal it because it goes so deep in their business model and search algorithm that just thinking about this idea seems uber stupid to all search engines CEO.

The secret of Tripling the quality of a search engine a second time is to remove bad sites.
And now you will say: WTF, this is already, what all the Search Engines are doing.
Well NO, they say that they are doing this, whey they penalize and remove your blogs and sites, but they could not care less about your site in reality they remove some spam sites, penalize normal site but just don't give a f...k about the bad sites, in reality they are actively promote them!

The secret of Tripling the qualithy of a search engine is to remove bad, spammy sites like all the news media* and the 'knowledge' sites.

*news media = TV, News Papers and the sites controlled by them (the other 80% of sites shown in the current search engines)
'knowledge' sites = question sites and the sites which make a page for each possible combination of words in the universe (this also include the news media which try to do the same ... and why, they already get tons of money for their fake views)

You think I'm joking? You would be surprised how the quality of a search increase when you remove news sites and you try to do any scientific search ...

Want to double the quality again to make a search engine 1800% times better?

Remove Amazon from unrelated searches and Pinterest